The 'Mammoth' is a legendary rarity weapon in Crossout.


Weapon can be manufactured from the Scavengers Legendary workbench upon reaching level 12 with that faction. Production time is 21 hours.

Requires Resources
Scrap Metal 100
Wires 750
Electronics 1000
Copper 450
Requires Parts
ZS-34 Fat Man 2
Hermes 2
Spectre-2 1


The Mammoth is a scavenger artillery and turreted cannon, making use of massive unguided ordinance to obliterate targets in as few as one shot. It is a fierce weapon held back by its dreadfully slow actuations, rendering it nearly useless in CQB (close quarter battles) The Mammoth consumes ammunition and thus has a limited supply for each mission. Choose your shots wisely, or fill your car with Ammo Boxes. The Mammoth is the logical successor to her much smaller but equally deadly sibling, the 76mm Fat Man turret (Or her uncraftable sister the Elephant)


The Mammoth takes the form of what looks to be an Executioner 88mm inside an armoured turret casing. A thick metal shield, presumably assembled from container and industrial scrap (as most Scavenger parts are), protects the front and sides of the turret assembly. This shield is adorned in yellow highlights, notably looking like racing stripes on the sides. Two metal braces plug in and out of the armour. Thick pressure tubes and other metal cylinders sit underneath and on top of the barrel assembly.

Between the gap at the front of this armour lays the weapon’s barrel. The barrel is mottled brownish grey with yellow markings ending in a muzzle built out of metal rings held together by spiked Rebar that connects in a welded ring halfway down the barrel. The barrel shocks back when firing from the recoil of the shot.

The turret assembly itself is very similar to that of the Fat Man and Executioner 88mm, if not identical to the Executioner. being made of a central firing mechanism, a shell ejection port on a swing mount and an ammo box covered in reinforced steel. The Mammoth however also makes use of a rebar frame connecting a significantly larger ammuntion box than those of its predecessors. This could remark at the Mammoth’s massive calibre shells.

The base of the turret is built out of a stout cylinder with detailing and rimming dotting its surface. Four stabilising legs are placed at its diagonal, adding additional mountpoints from the base.

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