After the tremors had ceased and the dust had settled, the rocks again became an insurmountable obstacle separating East and West. The trackers had to look for new routes, even the most inconvenient of which immediately became trade routes. And not just shopping.

It was through this gorge that the Mad people in their time came to the valley, having lost many fighters in the campaign. Later, more convenient roads were built, and only a handful of deserters remained in the gorge. When oil was discovered under the gorge, this small piece of land again became the scene of hostilities.

The map is an open location with a view of an abandoned base inside the rocks. The landscape of the map is such that it loyally treats both fast light crafts and slow armored mastodons, allowing both of them to freely cross the valley. But despite the fact that the road passes through the entire map, and on both sides of the center are open areas, opponents can seriously surprise players with a sudden appearance, or by going to the rear.

According to this, players should often pay attention to what is happening around - because the enemy may appear at any time. This is facilitated by the mode on the map. This is PvE protection mode, in which players will have to fight off superior enemy forces trying to destroy oil rigs.

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