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Inthe Wasteland, legends have long circulated about the all-seeing Wolf's Eye — a mysterious man in animal skin who cruelly punishes sinners for their misdeeds. After hearing about him, many impressionable raiders fear to sleep at night, peering fearfully into the darkness, dreading to see the red glowing eye there. They say that with his single eye, he can see for miles, instantly understanding how much wrong a person has done in their life. And if the amount of sins is unacceptable, Wolf's Eye will surely ensure that these wrongdoings do not happen again.

But is there any truth in these stories? After all, many others describe Wolf's Eye as a kind helper, who once saved them from inevitable death or aided in some other way. It's hard to say whether he actually exists and is it a single person, and whether he is a person at all... But the main thing is that thanks to Wolf's eye, many survivors still have faith in justice in their hearts.


  • Rewarded to game volunteers for the length of service.