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Vector is a Rare rarity weapon in Crossout.


A machine gun superior to the younger model in everything.

The most affordable Nomad machine gun. Combines high fire rate and simplicity of production.


  • Craft "Wanderers' Tent" on the machine.
  • Randomly when opening boxes:
    • Adventurer's container, with a small chance.
    • Prospector's container, high chance.
  • Included in the kits:
    • "Snake bite".
    • "Valentine's Day".
    • "Insomnia".
  • Buy on the market.


Weapon can be manufactured from the Nomads Rare workbench upon reaching level 1 with that faction. Production time is 1 hour.

Requires Resources
Scrap Metal 450
Copper 50
Requires Parts
LM-54 Chord 3
Weapon radiator 2
Small wheel ST 2