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Memories of Crossout warm Bonnie's heart. After all, it was the terrible catastrophe that brought her to the love of all her life. Fortune itself put weapons in Bonnie's weak hands, and put Him at the wheel. Who cares about the millions of dead, when the wind blows in your face, the lungs are full of gunpowder, and the heart is full of love. And who can condemn them for taking someone else's belongings, and for raids on food warehouses, and for the deaths of a couple dozen doomed ones?
But evil people tried to trap the lovers, started tracking them down and hunting them. Bonnie knew that they could never be part, that only with Him she was truly alive. But He wanted to save her life so much, and she could not refuse him... Much time has passed since then, and a lot of blood has spilled. Bonnie has forgotten a lot, but she knows for sure that He is somewhere in the heart of the wasteland, waiting for her, and will wait forever.


  • Buy at in-game shop (during promotions).