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Steel Championship This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Steel Championship».

The pack includes:


  • Contests, tournaments and giveaways.
  • Buy at in-game shop for 99 Crosscrownscrosscrowns (during promotions).


Hector is not only the most violent football fan in the Wasteland, but the best sports journalist in the Valley. Some joke that this is only because there are neither sports, nor journalists left after the disaster. But this guy is really good at everything concerning loud shouting, whistling and brawling.
He always wanted to associate his life with sports and move up from the grandstands somewhere else where the other fans would hear and see him, and when the world went to hell, he decided that the apocalypse is not an excuse to give up his goals. Idealists are having a hard time, so Hector often remained without a livelihood, but Scar AB recently noticed him and invited him to help organize the “Steel championship”. Hector crossed the Valley in his fan van to get to the “Central Stadium” alive and unharmed. But this bright structure attracted the harsh inhabitants of the Wasteland and became directly associated with him.