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The War For Fire is a raid in Crossout.

The War for Fire icon

A group of inhabitants of the Wasteland managed to launch one of the drilling stations left over from the old world. This promises them a considerable increase in the region, which does not suit at all some of the influential surviving from competing factions. A direct attack will lead to another redistribution of spheres of influence, which is disadvantageous to anyone - but the strengthening of this gang must be stopped. In response to this challenge, a daring plan was born: not only to destroy the producing unit, but also to steal the existing fuel! The team of desperate thugs will:

  • Penetrate into the oil production area and destroy the guard
  • To ensure the smooth operation of the tower to recruit the last batch of oil: it needs energy, the employer recommends looking for “live” energy cells in heaps of garbage around - this is exactly what the Garbage Man does
  • Take out the extracted oil, not forgetting to defend the oil rig.
  • Important! In desperation, the leader of the group will have no choice but to try to destroy the fuel truck, and you will need all the power of your team to save the oil collected.