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The Lost Coast is a location in Crossout.


The “Lost Coast” location was specially prepared for the “Abduction” raid. In the raid you have to find a valuable cargo and deliver it to the evacuation point. The path of the player’s team is blocked by AI turrets and armored vehicles.

Survivors! With you again Radio “Voice of the Wasteland”.

Six fishermen from the village of “Severobolotinsk” fell down in a writhing after trying to ride a three-meter viper. And our regular source from the bar “Shot Sleeve” reported that the other day a pair of Mad, descended from the mountains, washed a successful find. They said something about the long-lost cargo, which they found near a dry river.

I would not be surprised if this is the forecaster's lair, from where he and his fellow cannibals terrified the whole district. Do you remember how many convoys Scavengers have vanished in those parts, until his gang was destroyed? But most of the cargo was never discovered.

Several groups who wished to remain anonymous, told us that they were ready to buy out any container removed from these places. The main condition - the container must remain unopened! What is behind this strange requirement? Earlier, Wyliss and his Wanderers were also interested in similar cargo with similar conditions. What is in the container, Wiliss?


Portal The Lost Coast

Many Scavenger convoys perished in the mountains near the Lost Coast, until the band of cannibals that operated there and terrified the entire area was destroyed. Most of the cargo stolen by the bandits was never found.

Recently, more and more survivors descend from the mountains and wash the earned jackpot. They say something about a long-lost cargo that they found near a dry river. Active stirring on the Lost Coast began due to the fact that several groups at once, who wished to remain anonymous, promised to buy back any container taken out of these places. The main condition is that the cargo must remain secret. What is behind this strange demand? And are the factions paying the survivors enough to keep them from asking questions?