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Terminal-45 is a location in Crossout.


You are listening to Radio ‘Voice of the Wasteland’! This is Ivy XO with the facts and up to date information!

Two days ago, a herd of two-headed cows trampled a family of cannibal nomads during their meal time. Lunatic scouts found their way to ‘Terminal-45’. Yes, it is the same terminal where the Ghost Ship was seen on Judgement Day. Some think that this ship does not exist, but we are sure it's a secret military project. And it seems we are not the only ones that believe this.

Wanderers in the face of the well-known Ulysses are very interested and are ready to reward brave adventurers with copper for each container delivered from this place.

But be vigilant, an unknown group has built an actual town in the terminal, and it looks like they do not like visitors!


Terminal-45: Gronch's Hideout[]

Modified version of the map for brawl Christmas Heist during event Snowstorm.