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Winter Mayhem This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Winter Mayhem».

Tank Range is a location in Crossout.


It was an ordinary small town turning into a full-fledged city. Once miners started flocking into it since a rich coal deposit had been found next to it. Hospitals, schools and other infrastructure were to be built in the coming years. However, the speed of construction was sufficient for only a few residential areas before great urbanization was interrupted by the greatest of disasters.

Life disappeared from these panel houses but remained around them. The river saturated this land like an artery. Thanks to it nature didn't leave these lands, and on the contrary — began to slowly recover its property.

The high-rise buildings built before Crossout used to change the space around them, but those times passed, and now they have become almost a creation of nature, a natural addition to the landscape.

Few people have appeared in these lands until recently. Someone was frightened by the huge open spaces interrupted by the archipelagos of civilization — houses because an ambush here was easier to arrange. Someone was terrified by the unnatural beauty and tranquillity of this place. And the majority simply didn't see any practical advantage in it. The vast expanses are the only property that cannot be taken away in the post-apocalypse.

But if for the majority the Tank range is a small point on the map without any credits or icons of factions and gangs warning about danger, for “Green tracks” and “Grey towers” it became a place of ideological confrontations. After all, even if the person has no reason to quarrel with others, he will surely find it, right?

This town has shown that nature has made its choice, but what about humans? We will probably never arrive at a single answer to this question.

Every year, the Tank range receives the most talented pilots in its regions, ready to fight for glory, idea and... paint. Here you will see five classes of cars, each of which copes with combat tasks in its own way. From lightweight scouts to multi-ton missile launchers, tactical enthusiasts will find something in the hangars of rival gangs.

Despite the fact that you will be handling pre-war machinery, you will not feel difficulties in mastering it. On the contrary, if you have handled a machine assembled from a refrigerator engine, several radiators and gear tracks and an escalator belt, you will want to spend the whole day in the T34 cabin.

Are you ready to join Mitchell or Tankman? Which colour do you like: green or grey? How will you handle the relics of the old wars? The choice is yours!