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Ravens path This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Ravens path».

Talers (rus. Талеры) is a resource in Crossout.


These hexagonal coins, talers, are left from the knechte. They were defeated by the Ravens, but they kept the currency and now sell new parts for it.

Better use them fast until the traders are on march again.


  • During event Raven's Path (all seasons)
    • Rewarded for special daily mission.
    • Can be produced at Raven Pavilion workbench:
      • 10x talers = 11 coupons
      • 100x talers = 110 coupons
      • 10x talers = 7 engraved casings (0.13.35)
      • 100x talers = 70 engraved casings (0.13.35)


  • Old crafting recipes:
    • 1000 × talers= 1100 × coupons.
  • Old description: Instead of coins the Knechte use hexagonal coins "Talers" to sell amuzing devices. Better use talers fast before the traders are on march again.
  • Were rewarded for participation in missions during event Knight Riders, which was replaced by Raven's Path.