The 'Synthesis' is a special rarity weapon in Crossout.


Weapon can be manufactured from the Dawn's Children Rare workbench upon reaching level 3 with that faction. Production time is 1 hour.

Requires Resources
Scrap Metal 450
Copper 50
Requires Parts
LM-54 Chord 3
Radio 2
Small wheel 2


The Synthesis is built of a large rectangular barrel with a slicked barrel above a core made of a rusted I beam. The rest of the barrel is wrapped in fabric tied on with string and screws. At the weapon's centre is a rotary core of five energised plasma cells, each rotating in a Gatling motion to the barrel mouth to fire. A large motor with wires connecting it to a small control unit sits behind these cells and connects to a gearing that rotates them. The I beam connects to a ball bearing mount made of curved metal and a cylindrical gyromotor core. At the weapon's base is a circular pad on which the azimuth motor is mounted alongside a red electrical box held on with bent metal brackets. Wires run raggedly along the weapon's outer case and occasionally dip into the components to connect them all together.

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