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"Those who proudly call themselves “Neon Dragon” were once a branch of a Pan-Asian corporation. With Crossout approaching, the attempts to escape its effects have led to the mass cybernetization in their ranks.

The Syndicate uses abandoned high-rise buildings as their bases. Their bright, flamboyant armored vehicles are visible from afar, and with technically advanced weapons, they quickly proved that the “dragons” are not the ones to be trifled with."-in game description.

In order to get Crafting blueprints you have to level up in the season pass.

There is three levels of crafting.

It is believed to be Cyberpunks futuristic style

The Syndicate adds a whole new level of awesome to the Wasteland.

This season, you will find new items such as...

Four new vehicle blueprints. Equilibrium, Peace, Balance and Serenity.

Two new sets of wheels, Camber and Omni (Omnidirectional wheels -- Can move any direction)

Two New Cabins, Jannabi and Yokozuna (Resembles Trucker cab)

A Weapon that deals crazy damage, Kaiju.

And that's all I have today, as to keep the No Spoilers Rule alive.