"Duty. Honour. Brotherhood"

Faction led by Ironhand (Major)

Elite Squad, executing the most dangerous operations far away from civilization. They have access to resources and technology of the Brotherhood. Can quickly change dislocation, moving over rough terrain. Prefer ranged combat and shooting from behind cover.


The Steppenwolfs are the militia faction in Crossout. Being regarded as the best faction to use due to there highly durable vehicle parts. They of course specialize in military grade hardware and vehicles.

Crafting recipes (in links)

Item Rarity Level
Steppenwolf flag (3d.) Rare 1
Jawbreaker Rare 1
APC wheel Rare 2
Sidekick Rare 3
Steppenwolf standard (2h.) Epic 5
Caucasus Epic 5
ML 200 Epic 6
Clarinet TOW Epic 7
Humpback Epic 8
Blueprint storage Legendary 9
Storage expansion Legendary 9
Mandrake Legendary 9
Cyclone Legendary 10
BC-17 Tsunami Legendary 12

Vehicles blueprints

Level Vehicle
1 Windfall
5 Meteor
7 Sniper
10 Stomper
13 Scorpion (Vehicle)
15 Schism
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