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Information Logo Brawl duration: September 3-19, 2021.

Slaughter is a brawl in Crossout.


Slaughter icon

In the chaos that has arisen since the appearance of the Syndicate and the attacks of the Ravagers, groups of survivors arrange a real massacre for the resources left unguarded.

Rules and Features:[]

  • “Slaughter” is a team PvP-brawl based on the “Team deathmatch” rules.
  • Battles are held in the “6 vs 6” format.
  • Vehicles with explosives (spears), fuel barrels,tanks and / or with a Tusk cabin cannot participate in this brawl.
  • It is impossible to enter the mode as part of a group.
  • Goal: your whole team must score 5000 points faster than the opposing team.
    • In small update 09.09.2021 the amount of score needed to win increased from 5000 to 10000.
    • Each player accumulates points for destroying parts and armoured vehicles of opponents. The points of the players within the same team are added to the team score.
    • If the required number of points is not scored within the allotted time, the victory is awarded to the team with the bigger amount of points.
    • If the score is equal when the time is up then a draw is announced.
  • Players of the same team appear on the map in random places, but always see allies on the radar.
  • The brawl has respawns: after being destroyed, your armoured car will reappear on the battlefield after some time.
  • Battles are held on the following maps:
    • Abandoned town”;
    • Ravagers foothold”;
    • Chemical plant”.
  • The self-destruction mechanic has been improved specifically for this mode: in the “Slaughter” brawl you can self-destruct only after the weapons or most of the movement parts are lost.
  • A weekly challenge to reach the winning places in brawls can be completed in “Slaughter”. The first 4 places in terms of points scored in the winning team are considered to be the “winning places”.

Specifics and Conditions[]

  • Vehicles from 5000 to 6000 PS can take part in the battle.
  • Self-destruct can be activated only after critical damage to your vehicle.
  • Reward for battle: Scrap metalscrap metal.

Special Challenges[]

As long as the “Slaughter” brawl is active, special challenges will be available to you every day:

  • Destroy 400 parts in the “Slaughter” brawl.
    Reward: 40 × Engineer badgeengineer badges
  • Destroy 600 parts in the “Slaughter” brawl.
    Reward: 80 × Engineer badgeengineer badges

Please note:

  • The second challenge becomes available only after the first one is completed. The progress of completing the first challenge doesn’t affect the progress of completing the second.
  • If you haven’t completed the challenge in a day, then the progress of its completion is carried over to the next day.