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Ship Graveyard is a location in Crossout.


This is a fairly free and voluminous map, where a nimble transport can break away from a slower fellow and take refuge behind obstacles and folds of the area. The location is ideal for players with melee weapons, due to the large number of obstacles and obstacles. The lack of high obstacles will please players using infrared-guided rocket launchers. And lovers of guns can prevent fast armored vehicles from crossing open spaces.


Portal Ship graveyard

A curious legend is associated with this map:

Once there was a full-flowing river, and the port accepted and sent hundreds of ships every day. After the disaster, a fairly large group of survivors settled on an anchored barge loaded with canned goods. They lived in seclusion and successfully defended themselves against everyone who tried to take their provisions.

One night a strong wind rose, a terrible downpour began, and then a hailstorm with hail the size of a goose egg. A lone Lost one approached the barge, covered with tattoos from head to toe, and asked for shelter from the weather. The barge's inhabitants were frightened and refused. He asked for shelter one again and once again they refused. And for the third time the Lost one appealed to their humanity, but silence was his answer.

And then the eyes under the uninvited guest's glasses flashed with green lightning, the tattoos on his body glowed green and he plunged into the ground. The next day the water level in the river began to decline and soon there was only a small stream left.

Left without water, the barge fell to the bottom and quickly became prey for Raiders. And the river started flowing along a new bed, a perfectly even semicircular canal, as if a giant compass circled around the place where the Lost one had been seen.

For many years the area was empty, but eventually it became a shelter for many survivors who are loyal to the Lost, and some who even worship them.