This unfinished prodzdanie on the city outskirts never aroused much interest among the raiders. Only the elect knew about the existence and the true purpose of the EX sector - to serve as a cover for the underground laboratory.

Before the crash, the builders managed to erect an underground bunker, but the building itself was not finished to distract eyes. For 20 years, nature has won back the construction site, and there is not much left of the once-sound structure. The test of time passed only security fortifications, which still serve as a serious obstacle to the EX sector. This fact itself, the name assigned to the place, and here and there the failed turrets suggest that the territory was once under the watchful eye of the military. Although the witnesses of those events are no longer to be found, and no one will undertake to assert this for sure. Corroded ruins to this day silently keep their secrets.

In one of the gatherings in the bar, someone lost information on the location of the EX sector in the cards. And the next night, armed groups encountered there, so that only one would get the secrets of the

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