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Sector EX is a location in Crossout.


This unfinished outpost on the city outskirts never raised much interest among the raiders. Only the select few knew about the existence and true purpose of Sector EX — to serve as a cover for an underground laboratory.

Before the catastrophe, the builders managed to construct an underground bunker, but the building itself was never finished. After 20 years, nature has won the construction site back, and there's little left from a once-solid structure. Only fortifications stood the test of time, still serving as a serious obstacle to Sector EX. This, the name behind the place, and occasional broken turrets lead to the idea that the territory was once under the watchful control of the military. Although the witnesses of those events can not be found, and no one will take it for granted. The rusted ruins still keep their secrets.

In a gathering at the bar someone lost information about the location of Sector EX in a card game. And the next night, armed groups found each other there, so that the secrets of the underground laboratory could be left to one of them...

Sector EX: Halloween[]

Modified version of the map for brawl Witch Hunt during similarly-named event.

Sector EX: Christmas[]

MOdified version of the map for brawl Christmas Heist during event Snowstorm.