"Find it, break it, take it"

Faction led by Scar AB (The Collector)

Provide other factions with artifacts of the old world. They unearth old military warehouses, cut into containers, dismantle factories down to the last screw. All that is in working condition is delivered up the "food chain" or sold on the black market. Whatever remains is repaired and mounted on their cars.


The Scavengers are a faction in Crossout. The specialize in their namesake. They scavenger any building, loot everything of value or use and build any car with any scrap they find. Most vehicles they have are mainly heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles. In adventure mode, The scavengers have an area they made their home. Their home is that of a large scrapyard, with poorly (and oddly) build cars they created. Some are that of an airplane placed on a car frame and trucks with multiple frames and long wheel bases.

Crafting recipes (in links)

Item Rarity Level
Scavenger flag (3d.) Rare 1
Judge 76mm Rare 1
Borer Rare 1
Trucker Rare 1
RD-1 Listener Rare 2
Razorback Rare 2
Twin wheel Rare 3
Large wheel Rare 3
DT Cobra Rare 4
Oculus VI Rare 4
PU-1 Charge Rare 4
Scavenger standard (2h.) Epic 5
Executioner 88mm Epic 5
ZS-34 Fat Man Epic 5
RT Anaconda Epic 6
Expanded ammo pack Epic 6
GL-55 Impulse Epic 7
Colossus Epic 7
Pyre Epic 8
RD-2 Keen Epic 8
Armored track Epic 8
Blueprint storage Legendary 9
Storage expansion Legendary 9
Hurricane Legendary 9
ZS-46 Mammoth Legendary 12

Vehicles blueprints

Level Vehicle
1 Howler
5 Stag
7 Crack-scull
10 Rhino
13 Giant
15 The Rock
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