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Scavengers is a faction in Crossout.

Scavengers logo

Provide other factions with artifacts of the old world. They unearth old military warehouses, cut into containers, dismantle factories down to the last screw. All that is in working conditions is delivered up the "food chain" or sold on the black market. Whatever remains is repaired and mounted on their cars.


Scavengers belong to the lowest branch of the Brotherhood military organization; however, in reality, they bargain with everyone. They unearth old military bases, cut containers open, and even dissect whole factories. Everything that works is transferred up the chain or sold on the black market. Anything that’s left is mended and welded to the rides. The loot is transported on trucks armored with the wreckage: containers, pipes and other heavy rummage. Scavengers use World War guns for weaponry.

If the Lunatics are all about the speed, then the Scavengers are their complete opposite. Scavenger vehicles are designed to take a lot of damage while dealing a lot of their own.

Formally, they belong to the lower echelon of the militaristic organization "Brotherhood", but secretly bargain with everyone.

It is they who are digging up old military warehouses, cutting up containers, dismantling entire factories piece by piece. Everything that is in working order is given up the chain or sold on the black market. What remains is repaired and put on their cars.


Level Required XP Total XP
1 0 0
2 34,000 34,000
3 57,500 91,500
4 89,500 181,000
5 125,500 306,500
6 161,500 468,000
7 203,000 671,000
8 251,000 922,000
9 305,000 1,227,000
10 390,000 1,617,000
11 495,000 2,112,000
12 615,000 2,727,000
13 740,000 3,467,000
14 890,000 4,357,000
15 1,070,000 5,427,000
Prestige 1,070,000 6,497,000

Scar AB[]

Portal Scar AB

Title: Collector

He traveled a lot around the world and even, they say, saw the western sea. He rose to a high post in the Kaganate, but did not get along in character with the Khan, in a dispute with whom he lost his leg. He survived and fled through the mountains, taking a couple of sealed containers with a briefcase full of photographs and documents. The stolen goods turned out to be enough to procure from the leaders of the Brotherhood a warm place in the headquarters and a decent prosthesis.

But for his bad temper, Skara was soon exiled back to the west. That is, he was sent on an important mission as the leader of an advanced troop of collectors of values.

Finally Bey was in his place. Now he can safely exchange his finds on the black market. And the Headquarters turns a blind eye to this while it fulfills the production quota.

Recently, Skara has been actively engaged in collecting. Although why does he need some of the useless artifacts that cost him prohibitively expensive, he is silent about this.