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Reputation (experience points) is a game-mechanical abstraction that expresses the growth of a character's abilities. Required to level up a faction and upgrade a co-drivers in the Crossout.

Base Reputation[]

Charged for activity. With an achievement of less than 1200 experience points, it is accrued without changes. If you have scored more than 1200 points, then the reputation is calculated by the formula:

1200 + (n * 0.13)/1.5,

where n is the amount of reputation above 1200 points.

Additional Reputation[]

It is added to the base and calculated according to the formula:

B * A,

where B is the base reputation, A is the percentage of additional reputation.

Ways to increase additional reputation:

  • In Patrol mode - You get 50% less reputation.


You can earn reputation by participating in game modes.

PvP modes

In missions, brawls, clan and rating battles for:

  • First hit - 10 points.
  • Shooting weapons, equipment or movement modules of any rarity - 26 points.
  • Shooting any structural part, frame or decoration - 2 points.
  • Shooting weapons, equipment or a movement module to an enemy standing on the capture of a point - 40 points.
  • Shooting a structural part, frame or decor to an enemy standing on the capture of a point - 4 points.
  • Helping a flipped ally - 20 points.
  • Sector capture - 150 points.
  • Base capture - 200 points.
  • Assistance in destruction (depends on the damage done to the opponent).
  • First damage - given for the first hit or contact damage, regardless of the value.
  • When destroying an enemy armored car, all parts left on the vehicle are taken into account in the experience.
  • If an armored car has a common hitbox, then when it is destroyed.
  • Shooting parts, modules - for the offset it is necessary to completely destroy the element, surface damage will not be counted. This parameter brings the most points, it is the shooting of parts that mainly forms the resulting reputation.
  • Killing an enemy - a frag brings points, regardless of how significant the damage dealt to it is.
  • Assistance in killing an opponent counts if no more than 15 seconds have passed. between dealing damage and killing an enemy.
PvE Modes

In raids and Adventure mode for:

  • First hit - 10 points.
  • The destruction of a raider (regular, officer, boss), depending on the damage you inflicted - 1-3 points.
  • Destruction of the raider accompanying the truck, depending on the damage you inflicted - 1-4 points.
  • Destroying a missile turret - 5/-/- points depending on the difficulty of the mode.
  • Destruction of enemy towers - .
  • Destroying a truck - 30 points.
  • Destruction of Leviathan - 150 for 1st, 300 for 2nd, ? - for the 3rd.
  • Completing a quest step in a raid.
  • Completing story, side, and co-op missions in Adventure mode.
  • The experience points gained in raids affect the amount of resources received upon victory (the exception is the Invasion mode).
  • Destroying mobs in Adventure mode does not earn reputation points.