After the old accident at the chemical plant, large areas around it became uninhabitable due to soil contamination. Only desperate brave men and those who had no place to go, decided to settle in these places. For several years, the scavengers disassembled the walls of the chemical plant shops located on the southern border of the contaminated area without any interference and even managed to retool a couple of machines to fit their needs.

But that all changed when, during one of the expeditions to the contaminated zone, the scouts found a large lake with the purest water, from the bottom of which they managed to pick up some artifact. After it was delivered to the plant, the soil and water around it gradually began to be cleaned of harmful chemical impurities.

Such a change in the landscape has aroused great interest in this piece of land among the raiders. After all, if it is possible to turn acid into water, then suddenly it will turn out to make potatoes from stones? Or out of the water gasoline. And this is a completely different conversation. Soon, despite the resistance of the Scavengers, the base and the artifact itself were captured by raiders.

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