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Ravagers Foothold is a location in Crossout.


Several years have passed since the invasion of the Ravagers. The nameless hero, along with allies, returned stolen memories to the people and pushed the enemy as far away as possible. Except they only wounded the beast. They didn't kill it. The beast left known territories to hide in the shadows. Licked wounds, dwelled on resentment and prepared for a new blow… And when the sun finally lit the shadow, there was no one there.

The found territory adjoins Naukograd and the Ashen ring, and their grim outlines are seen in the distance. It can be said with certainty that the Ravagers were here once. The area is covered with traces of their presence. The landscape is cut by three bottomless shafts of unknown purpose. Whoever built them didn't care much about safety. Many survivors carelessly dropped down into these shafts. Knowledgeable people say the mines remind them of a giant cooling system that might be needed by an underground Ashen Ring laboratory. But how far this idea is from the truth, nobody can tell yet.

There are some traces of Lloyd too, the most infamous (and insane) scientist of the Wasteland. Rumour has it that he tried to learn the mystery of the silent mechanical monsters. Did he manage to crack them and establish contact? Or did the Ravagers outplay the brightest mind of Dawn's Children and use him?

The answers to all these questions are not easy to find because of constant fighting between the survivors, deciding the fate of the Foothold with guns. Some are convinced that all traces of the Ravagers must be eliminated, while others are dying to learn their unusual technologies. Until the battle subsides, the red eyes of the silent observers continue to gaze into the abyss. And the more time passes, the closer their experiment is to completion.

Let's consider the map in more detail:


The map features three service shafts with capture points located around them. Battles break out on two levels: outer high and inner low, the boundary between which passes through the shafts and points of interest.

The mines themselves occupy considerable space, and falling down means certain death. One should be careful when driving along the edge: the risk of slipping down into the abyss is quite high. Bridges across the shafts are even more dangerous, but it is also the fastest way across the map.

The outer level is a hilly location that oversees the central part of the map.

The most important landmark is the abandoned tower, which gives shelter to those wishing to take the shortest route between the capture points. But be careful: you never know when the enemy will push you into the abyss.

Ravagers Foothold: Halloween[]

Modified map for Witch Hunt brawl.