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The Ravagers are a self-aware virus type machine that are the main enemy the player will fight in Adventure mode.

Ravager car which appears in adventure mode.


The Ravagers appear to be a special type military defense program that was to be used during the war. After the war, the program became self-aware wishing only to learn as much information as possible. If it encounters any survivor, it can incapacitate them by attempting to steal their memories. The Ravagers also have the ability to transfer their program into other vehicles. A Ravager vehicle can be easily distinguished by the glowing red eye module sticking out of the vehicle's cabin, as well as black wiring surrounding the body.


The Ravagers are part of project ORACLE, the final line of defense against the crossout developed by the militaries of the world in case humanity could not survive or adapt to it. ORACLE was a Military project that involved digitizing a person's consciousness and transferring it into a storage drive. The ravagers were the bridge in order to do that, as their technology could theoretically absorb a person's consciousness out of their body. However, a software error resulted in the ravagers only being able to take and store memories, resulting in Anterograde amnesia in test subjects. The ravagers began to evolve sentience on their own from the memories the absorbed and began to seek out more information. These rogue programs latched onto military vehicles to become what is seen of ravagers in adventure mode.

Human Contact[]

— The Syndicate aren't the only ones with advanced technology, — Lloyd reflected as he fiddled with the Ravager’s mechanism in one of his workshops. — Naive children. If I made the same amount of noise coming to unfamiliar places, I would have been “drying off” in the sun a long time ago. Though sometimes it is useful to make some noise, — the scientist grinned and adjusted a mask on his face.

At that moment, the robot sparkled and the lights in the hangar flickered. The Ravager’s lights lit up red, and the tentacle-manipulators began to twist chaotically. Lloyd walked over to the monitor rack, pressed several buttons, and the manipulators began to wrap around the robot’s hull, creating some sort of an armour. Then the metal octopus made a loud squeak and hissed.

— Done! — Lloyd exclaimed and began to walk around the Ravager. — I always thought it was no coincidence that you had voice modules built into you. It’s amazing how difficult it was to get them to work. Well, talk!

To the scientist’s dismay, instead of answering, the robot stopped hissing and beeped rhythmically again. Lloyd walked around the machine again. At this time, one of the manipulators with a red lamp, continuing to beep, was watching him.

— A cipher? — The survivor took a black, worn-out folder with the nearly faded words “Wadarkvarn” from a desk cluttered with wires and diagrams and looked through the papers with a cursory glance. It was obvious that the scientist practically knows them by heart, but still continues to look for something. With a chuckle, Lloyd walked over to the monitors and his fingers ran over the keys. The sound of the robot began to change and soon became similar to the human language.

— Waiting for a command,— the Ravager said with a metal creaking.

— So it’s not fiction! You are engaging in a dialogue! You do really have a mind... — Lloyd couldn’t help but admire and moved closer to the robot, trying to touch the red Ravager’s eye lantern with his index finger. But the manipulator, for a second getting closer to the scientist’s hand, immediately slipped out from under it.

— Negative. The specified function is carried out by means of the built-in voice control and a speech synthesizer for reverse interaction. I can replicate the Turing test myself and not pass it by following your orders. I’m listening to further instructions, — said the robot.

Lloyd stared straight at the manipulator for a few seconds and suddenly laughed hysterically. After a few moments, his laughter turned into a barking cough. The scientist spit blood and turned to the Ravager again.

— But how can you engage in a dialogue? Who am I talking to? — asked the scientist with surprise.

— I operate on the basis of a logical self-learning algorithm that collects data. The first developments in neural networks and machine learning were created in the second half of the 20th century, and can now be found in every device, — the Ravager rumbled.

— So, you really were created by humans. According to the paperwork, the likes of you were supposed to transfer consciousness, not erase memory. Isn’t that right?

— Correct. The process was not functioning correctly due to a data update failure. According to the registration files, in addition to human memory, we have to carry out the transfer of consciousness. In symbiosis, we can learn, and consciousness can take control.

Lloyd stepped back to the table, poured brown bad smelling liquid into a round container, and collapsed onto a chair.

— We can go back to the backup files if necessary, — the robot sounded somewhat timidly.

— Don’t you dare! That’s not why I’ve been messing with you for so long. Well, though... You know, of course, I want to forget a lot, but I have somewhat different methods, — the man giggled. — They’re much slower. Let’s continue. Will the transferred consciousness be able to control you?

— Machines like me are only used to extract the mind on a storage drive. The next stage is its preservation and functioning in a digitized form.

— Functioning, — clearly delighted, Lloyd walked over to the documents and flipped through them again. Now he read more carefully, as if afraid to miss something. And then he went back to the Ravager.

— I take it you’re talking about another module of the “Oracle” system? Does it mean that it's located behind the anomaly at these coordinates?

Lloyd took a map from the table and gave it to the manipulator eye to study.

— Affirmative. I assume it was a security system that was supposed to be activated in case of an emergency.

— I get it! Lloyd shouted, being noticeably nervous. — Do you have access there?

— No such data was found in my file system. But given that we are part of a single system, we could try to disable the defense function, — the Ravager replied just as quickly.

Suddenly the monitors behind them flashed a blue light and a beeping sound that clearly infuriated the scientist. He immediately rushed to the screens, shouting curses out loud.

— Nomads... Have they really changed their minds?— Lloyd muttered, simultaneously taking over the session and disabling the Ravager.

— Greetings, Lloyd. Good thing you not change the means of communication, — said an unfamiliar voice.

Something in that phrase alarmed the scientist, but there was a chance that the Ravager might not be able to disable the anomaly, and then he would have to rely on the Nomads for help.

— I’m glad to hear you too. Did Ulysses finally see the benefits of working with me and remember how we used to help each other?

— That’s right, that’s right. Let’s make an appointment, scientist, and we'll see each other.

— It’s strange that he sent an errand boy to talk to me. Or is it you, Jeff? I could have forgotten your voice, considering how often you disappear. By the way, you can find me if you jump off a cliff upside down.

— So you do not want our help.

— After your help, I will be found with a hole in my head. No one makes appointments with an unfamiliar voice, much less one as vile as yours.

— You are as sure of yourself as any other fool. And love empty words, like this clown, — This time the voice sounded more natural, but with an eastern accent.

— Oh, so you’ve already met my friend. I had no idea you were such idiots. Did you enjoy the show? I’m serious about the cliff though. Wait, you’re really going to jump, though, — the scientist replied with a chuckle.

— You cannot hide, Lloyd. If you want to live, we will wait in the East Quarter.

— Waiting isn’t the best tactic when someone’s in hiding. How do you know these words, though? You sound so ridiculous. Don’t try to appear menacing or I’ll surely die laughing, — said Lloyd, enjoying his advantage.

— Don’t make the situation difficult and get in the way of the Syndicate. You could get us all killed, — the Dragon replied, hissing the last phrase.

— Except for me... You know, I have one more piece of advice. If you’re so scared of dying, turn your crooked wheels before they come apart and get out of here at top speed.

— You're already dead, fool, — the Syndicate member almost growled, barely able to keep from shouting.

— Well, then I have to go, — Lloyd chuckled and ended the session.

After thinking for a while, the scientist typed something on the keys and walked over to the Ravager, which was operational again.

— Did you hear me, iron one? We have to go.


The ravagers can be found in the domination map "Ravagers' foothold". info about the map can be found here.


The Ravager appears to have similarities to Terminators and Skynet which are both a self aware defense program and attack any living humans