Raid is a game mode (PvE) in which everyone must make every effort to achieve a common goal. Therefore, to acquire rewards it is not enough just to get a lot of reputation, you need to perform certain actions that are key to achieving the overall success of the raid.

This mode is the only way to get such resources as "Copper", "Plastic", "Coupons" and "Electronics", not counting purchases on the market and awards of a difficult season.

In the raids you can meet a variety of machines of the enemies "Raiders".


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To get a reward in the raids, you must perform significant to win the action. For each such action, special points are awarded, which should not be confused with the points that you see in the interface. The player with the required number of points will receive a reward for the raid.

  • In raids there is a chance of dropping Ammunition after the destruction of AI opponents.
  • Ammunition drops out after the destruction of machines, under the control of AI. Chances to get ammunition are those players who have guns with limited ammunition.    
  • Ammunition can fall out to any player, regardless of his participation in the destruction of the enemy's AI.    
  • When raising "ammunition" replenished partially.   

In order to successfully complete most raids, it is necessary to know and follow the important rule: we first fire off weapons from each bot in the wave, and then destroy unarmed bots. There is a small exception regarding shooting weapons, depending on the fractions and the type of bot. For example, the "Lunatics" is not very strong cars and their raiders are easier to destroy entirely, or to shoot them first wheel. In the Scavengers faction there are raiders with porcupines, it’s better to shoot the wheels first and then destroy the car itself. The priority in disarming, as a rule, are the officers of the raiders (purple labels), and then - the simple raiders.

Raid list

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