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In the vastness of the game there are a lot of raiders.

Groupings differ in the principles of the construction of armored vehicles, as well as weapons and tactics.


Lunatics For example, Rabid Gangs mainly attack on small machines equipped with saws, shotguns or spears, and try to ram players. Armored vehicles are rather weak, but there are many of them, and they are very dangerous. Among them are cars armed with course rocket launchers or hung with barrels and spears. However, the most dangerous opponents are armored vehicles with invisibility modules. Typically, such opponents are armed with shotguns, act in a group and prey on the player with the smallest indicator of the structure. The leaders of the Gangs of Madness most often use very fast armored vehicles equipped with accelerators and combines, and also move in armored vehicles equipped with homing missiles. One volley can contain from 8 to 12 missiles, which attack all players within the radius of destruction.


Scavengers Scavenger gangs usually consist of machines armed with machine guns. Cars are more secure than Mad Cars, and therefore more dangerous. There are heavy trucks in gangs with stationary shotguns "Hearth" on both sides. Mostly they act in groups from afar. Separately, we note Scavenger vehicles armed with heavy artillery and Flame homing missiles. This allows opponents to attack from the maximum available distance. But the missiles fly along a steep path and it is quite possible to shoot them down even in flight, but you should try to avoid Mandrake shots, hiding in shelters with a canopy or quickly destroy the gun mount itself. The leader of the Scavengers prefers the Mammoth cannon and frontal shotguns. It is very dangerous, as it can destroy a player with one shot.


Nomads Wanderers prefer small armored vehicles with machine guns and use them as cannon fodder. But they also have assemblies with autocannons or grenade launchers. The vulnerability of such machines is a generator. Among the wanderers there are lovers of drones and invisibility. Typically, these machines try to stay away from the players and attack from afar. The leaders of the Wanderers move in armored vehicles equipped with machine gun and missile drones, as well as autocannons. Sometimes the leaders take special armored vehicles and, hiding in invisibility, they can call light cars with machine guns for help. During such an attack, they hide and exhaust the surviving waves of enemies. Look for such leaders in secluded places.