Quantum is a Epic medium cabin in Crossout.


Control compartment of an experimental flying vessel, re-tooled for moving along planet surface.


Cabin can be manufactured from the Dawn's Children Epic workbench upon reaching level 8 with that faction. Production time is 6 hours.

Requires Resources
Scrap Metal 250
Wires 750
Copper 150
Requires Parts
Pilgrim 2
Genesis 2
Wyvern 2


The Quantum is a medium tonnage, medium mass limit cabin manufactured and used by the Dawn's children.

It provides damage buffs to energy weapons such as the Quasar, Aurora and Synthesis (and their larger counterparts) if it remains undamaged.

The quantum is a multi-role cab, perfectly suited for all kinds of vehicles, be it hit-and-run Icarus builds, or slower legged Pulsar spiders. It is an extremely popular cabin at around 6-10k PS, and even then is seen beyond this frame. It is slim and easy to hide under armour given its sloped cockpit shape.


The Quantum is the control cockpit of some flying vessel, such as an advanced helicopter or even spaceship, with its front top being dominated by massive, albeit dirty windows. An air intake sits at the front of the cockpit, adorned with warning stripes. A trench cuts through the cockpit's shape on the sides, being filled with the same yellow-white piping/frame that is often seen on Dawn's Children modules. At the rear, a rather wobbly engine with three drive wheels and a belt running through them can be seen, sat in between two modules to the sides which have small diagonal vents.

Inside, a seat can be seen amongst thick flexible tubing, flickering blue monitors and dazzling arrays of lights of all colours, presumably indicating system status of the vehicle.

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