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Pyromania This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Pyromania».

Pyromania (rus. Пиромания) is a temporary event in Crossout.


To make sure every survivor could assess and test the upcoming innovations as early as possible, we are preparing an in-game event "Pyromania". The event will last till the "Firestarters" faction release. While it's active, Survivors will have access to a special mission called "Hot Spot", where they can get a unique temporary resource: lighters .Remember that this resource can only be earned through a special mission!

New temporary resource: LightersLighters

Lighters can be obtained only in the special mission "Hot Spot". Lighters can not be sold or purchased on the market. After the end of the in-game event, all unused lighters will be withdrawn without exchange for any resources. At last the day came when the altar of Firestarters became accessible to everyone. The cult's adepts are ready to exchange lighters and resources for special faction parts and faction stickers. We advise you to take a closer look at their offer, because the exchange is extremely open and honest, despite the frightening appearance of the adepts themselves. You provide them with valuable resources for continuing experiments, they will give you the desired parts or sticker from the assortment

Survivors! Pyromaniacs and those who want more insanity! The advance detachment of Firestarters had already arrived in the Wasteland, and, on this occasion, Psycho Pete himself gave them his best hangar. What does this mean? Quite right! Soon the Firestarters will start calling on survivors to join their ranks. In the meantime, join the ‘Pyromania’ and prepare for this unforgettable meeting! New parts and a unique armored car are waiting for everyone. The leader of Firestarters Odegon made sure there's enough parts for everyone!

The "Pyromania" event was introduced in update 0.8.50 (2018) as part of a promotion for the upcoming Firestarters faction.

Altar of Firestarters[]

Here you can change Lighterslighters and other resources for valuable parts and faction stickers.