• Rip game assets for all parts and replace current cropped screenshots
  • Add Decor Pages
  • Finish Crafting sections for Cabins, Hardware, Movement
  • Add part rarities, and color all links respectively
  • Change infobox statistics display to match that of the ingame stat boxes (horizontal bars, icons, colors).

Templates for content.

  1. If the piece of content is an item, it should be presented with an infobox displaying an image of the item as well as all relevant statistics. There are templates available for Cabins, Weapons, Hardware, and Movement. If the item has a field that is not present in it's current template, feel free to update the template with the new field
  2. Pages start with a succinct blurb about the item
  3. If the item can be crafted, list requirements in a few short sentences, followed by material list with values in a table.
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