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Snowstorm This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Snowstorm».

Present Heist is a brawl in Crossout.


Present Heist icon

Survivors will have to escort the New Year's gift truck, delivering gifts from the warehouse to the New Year's tree, and fend off Gronch's henchmen. In parallel with the main task, secondary tasks will be available to players. Take the risk of fulfilling them and cope - the truck will receive a certain temporary bonus or a permanent weapon for self-defense.

We again call on you to help the rescuer Henry and to protect the New Year from the villain Gronch! As before, you have to fight off the constantly arriving detachments of the villain. But this year, the stakes have increased, because a truck with New Year's gifts for all the inhabitants of the Wasteland is at stake.

Main Features of the Brawl[]

  • Players need to defend the truck from attacks by Gronch’s henchmen when it’s loading/unloading gifts, as well as provide escort while it’s moving between bases.
  • The Frosts brothers will take part in the event this year.
  • The battle will take place at dusk.
  • Watch out for puddles of fire! They can not only play into your favor and help in the battle against enemies, but also seriously damage the armoured vehicles of your team.
  • We’ve updated the enemy roster and overall difficulty of the enemy waves, so some of the successful strategies from the last event will need to be changed.
  • Starting from wave 7, players get access to side missions on the map. When you complete the mission, another one unlocks at wave 12. Then the missions unlock every 10 waves.
  • Successful completion of the side missions will allow you to apply certain bonuses to the truck. Among the bonuses there are:
    • Temporary energy shield for the truck.
    • Repairing 10% of the truck’s durability.
    • Installation of a permanent defense weapon on a truck.
  • After a certain number of enemy waves, players will have to fight the leaders of the gang.
  • For the completion of the brawl, the survivors will receive a special resource “Crackers”. Crackers and other resources/parts can be exchanged for rewards from a special workbench.
  • Crackers can also be obtained in the special PvP mission “New Year's Fever” and for completing the special task “Complete Wave 10 in the “Present heist” brawl 3 times” (reward: 100 crackers). The task can be completed only once!

Rewards for entering the leaderboard
1 - 1000 1001 - 3000 3001 - 5000


  • There is no limit to perfection! Improve your results and make your mark on the leaderboard.
    • Players who take the places from 1 to 1000 at the end of the event will get a unique Candy exhaustCandy exhaust decor.
    • Players who take the places from 1 to 100 at the end of the event will receive a unique GlobeduckGlobeduck decor.
  • Also, holding out the required number of times up to enemy wave 10 and finishing the battle, players will receive as a reward: