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One of the most dangerous Firestarters. Hates the whole world and hid from people after a catastrophe, when only ashes remained from his native city. Known for his patient nature. Rarely loses his temper, but when he does, it's better to stay away. Ruthless, uses an open flame as a battle flag.



Portal Vesuvius

Access Level: Intermediate.

The story of Explorer Grigio about Vesuvius's past and his ideals.

Vesuvius's camp looked like the throat of a volcano — the open fire surrounding the settlement was visible miles away.

— What do you want? — Vesuvius was cold.

— To learn more. The task of the Order is to find…

— …answers? — he grinned. — It's the only thing you can't find in the Wasteland. Do you know where I come from?

Many have heard of the city swept away by the eruption in the first days of crossout. The efforts of the soldiers of the two States to save lives have been in vain.

— Of course.

— Would you like to ask about that day?

— The Order is aware of this, and…

He gazed at me.

— You don't know enough. Take some of the truth to your people. The city could have been saved that day, but no one came.

I didn't know what to think. Was the information from our archives that went through all the checks false?

— Tell yours how those who were supposed to protect me and my family refused to even try. How I woke up there, amidst smoke and stones, and tried to understand why I was so guilty that I survived. How the skin… — Vesuvius's voice acquired terrible metallic tones, — …on my feet melted like rubber. — Tell them this, — he said sullenly. — Let them remember. I'm gonna find everyone who was there, and I'm gonna ask why they left us before I take their lives.

The firestarter went silent with his eyes closed. When he opened them again, I saw the glimmers of burning hellfire, in which all who dared to cross his path found rest.

— Do you know what happened after that? Their commanders shouted how desperately they tried to save people, but the elements overcame them. All of them were full of lies. Everyone on this damn earth carries it inside him. Only the Flame will purify us. Let the Wasteland know — where I will pass, there will be only those who have proved to the flame that they are worthy of life.

Sometimes I remember that day: the words of Vesuvius, his face covered with dark armour, and the likeness of a sign roaring over the camp, a pillar of golden fire stretching out to heaven.

E. Grigio