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Guiding Star This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Guiding Star».

For a society dedicated to gathering information, the Seekers know surprisingly little about their own leader. The newcomers gossip that Supreme Explorer D. always wears a mask and shapeless clothes, having become one with with them. More of a suit, than a person. Those, who have personally personally seen him only chuckle when they hear this — none of them will ever forget the Supreme's eyes, glowing with fire of Crossout from behind the mask. They definitely belong to a man, though not to a simple one. Many of the old-timers are convinced that their leader is actually a prophet, sent to the Earth by the Supreme Archon to guide and teach the survivors.

However, those who know the Supreme Explorer best know that he makes mistakes and doesn't possess any supernatural omniscience. They think that the head of the Order is a former member of another association of survivors, and who left behind their quarrels in the name of a higher purpose. The survival of mankind.

It's not important who exactly is hiding behind the mask. The founder's mysterious figure is as much a defining symbol of the Order as the sign of the fallen star.


  • Rewarded during event Guiding Star upon reaching level 75 (battle pass required).
  • Part of the following packs:
    • Customization pack "Supreme Explorer D."