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Raised with a love for cinema in a post-apocalyptic family, Sarah became part of the Frost sect after a raider attack. But a sudden warning from a "messenger from the future" about a traitor among the cult members led her to conduct her own investigation, for which she was expelled.

A few days later, when the resentment subsided, Sarah felt guilty and decided to return to the Frosts to try to persuade them to expose the traitor again. But instead of the village, she saw only smouldering ruins. Being convinced that the surviving Frosts were the arsonists, Sarah decided to find them and take revenge.

During the year-long investigation, Sarah found out that the real arsonist was Gronch, whose traces led her to a lair in the mountains. The young woman blew up the entrance to the hideout, but instead of Gronch, she saw hundreds of red lights there. Sarah had to postpone the investigation because if judgment day comes for the entire Valley, there will be no one left to take revenge on.