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Sarah's love of cinema was instilled in her by her father, who had assembled a TV set and a video recorder in the Wasteland. The family spent all their free time watching old movies, and it seemed that even the post-apocalypse outside their window didn't interfere with their family idyll, but the Wasteland doesn't forgive carelessness. Sarah's father was killed by raiders who once decided to rob the family’s car, but they didn't get to the girl in time — the Frost sect took out the bandits and gave shelter to the teenager.

The girl lived well in their village, but one day her behaviour drastically changed. Sarah began to claim that one of the Frosts was a traitor, and soon jt would lead to a terrible catastrophe. She also Claimed that a "messenger from the future" told her about it. The sect didn't take Sarah's words seriously, believing that she had lost her mind because of her exposure to Crossout. But the young woman persisted and began her own ‘investigation, suspecting every member of the family. They all had secrets the rest of them shouldn't know about, and so Sarah herself was labelled a traitor, banished from the village, and deprived of her Frost surname.

A few days later the resentment subsided, Sarah felt guilty and went to the Frosts to try and convince them again to find out who the traitor was. But instead of the village, Sarah found only smouldering ruins. Ever since then, the young woman has been searching for the surviving Frosts to finish them off, because if they managed to survive that terrible fire, then they must have started it themselves.