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Rocket's protective suits have become the hallmark of the Dawn's Children. Who could know that a modest girl who liked mecha robots so much, after the end of the world, would go on to discover an amazing talent and help many people protect themselves from the destructive effects of Crossout?

Rocket is easily recognizable among the other "Dawns" — her spacesuit is only a prototype of the ones that she builds now. Despite its imperfection, it was this suit that once saved the life of the engineer. Rocket never parts with it and believes that it is this spacesuit that protects her from the madness that eventually takes over everyone.



Portal Rocket

Access Level: Normal.

Excerpt from the story of the conversation between Seeker Stetson and Rocket, an engineer for Dawn's Children, one of those who developed protective suits for the faction.

That day I first visited the dwellings of the Dawn's Children — and experienced mixed feelings. Perhaps it was naive, but I expected to see a high-tech shelter with a bunch of gadgets. Instead, I saw a small room with a computer terminal, a work desk with books and a bed.

Most of all I was amazed by one detail. Along the wall was a shelf with models of humanoid robots, mecha. They were of different shapes and colours, and they were clearly handled with great care.

I guess I looked at them for too long because Rocket laughed.

— Did not expect this? — She asked.

I nodded. Rocket motioned for me to sit down and sank into a chair. Her suit was less mobile than the new models. They told me about this.

— Love for these beauties pushed me to engineering. It didn’t work out with family and friends, and at first, with work too. Before Crossout, my skills were modest, but after that I was lucky. When it all started, I took them with me, and together we survived the collapse of the world. Brothers in misfortune. And teachers. — Rocket patted her chest. — This big guy, my suit... It's far from the others, it's bulky and noisy. It was inferior to others from the start and I didn't really like it. But when a fire broke out in the workshop, it was he who saved my life. All the other prototypes perished, but he survived. We've been together ever since. — Rocket's fingers gently walked along the fold on the elbow. —Everyone needs a chance. In the world before Crossout they did not believe in me, and after — I did not trust him. Life has tempered us, and now it helps me keep my sanity, andI do not replace it.

Fair trade.

For a technician, the Rocket was too lyrical, but now I knew where her famous attachment to the long-obsolete spacesuit came from.

S. Stetson