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They say that before the Red demon was a human surrounded by luxury and success, but everything changed with the arrival of Crossout. Caught in a whirlpool of lawlessness and destruction, he slipped out of the Luxurious walls of his mansion, entering the dangerous roads of a new, ruthless world. And this world of lawlessness and looting changed him forever. The eyes of the Red demon opened to the true face of humanity when civilization collapsed, and selfishness and cruelty turned people into monsters.

The Red demon became an elusive ghost, slipping into enemy ranks, catching signals and helping those who were in trouble. He's a hope for the oppressed and a revenge for traitors. His presence, like the twilight gloom, made the hearts of criminals freeze with fear, and he vowed not to stop until every victim gets justice.

Every day the Red demon takes on new challenges, meets new enemies, and his motivation remains unchanged. The flame of fierce determination and relentless anger still burns in his eyes. He has become a living symbol of resistance, and his name is heard in the prayers of those who lost everything, but didn't give up.


  • Rewarded to game volunteers for the length of service.