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Once upon a time, Red Hot had a name that was not so terrible, he performed in a fire show and was the most enthusiastic artist in his group. But the all-consuming passion for fire and carelessness cost him his career, and his partner's life. After this incident, he vowed never to handle fire again.

But after the disaster everything started spinning like poi at a show. The ability to deftly and effectively manage the fire element gained Red Hot respect among Lunatics. And soon he was promoted to an Arsonist. He changed his stage persona to Red Hot, put on frightening war paint and sat behind the wheel of an insane craft, made from the parts he found on the set of some action B-movie.

Now he loves to saw and burn all those who are disliked by Firestarters, and he tries not try to remember the broken oath and the old friend. What an upstanding guy!



Portal Red Hot

Access Level: Intermediate (assigned at the request of Red Hot)

The story of Explorer Grigio about the secrets of Red Hot.

Before I met Red Hot, I carefully studied the rumours. They were contradictory — sources reported that he changed after the promotion to the rank of Arsonist. Became angrier and it's as if he was obsessed with his car.

I arrived at the right camp just after the massacre. Red Hot was expecting me — he immediately took me to a closed hangar and drilled me with his eyes:

— Do you remember the terms, Explorer?

— Yes. Your story will appear in our archives, but it will be classified.

— Okay… — he nodded with clear relief. — I can't let my people know before the time comes.

Red Hot glanced at me again and invited me to the locked compartment of the hangar with a relaxed gesture. There, in the bright lights, stood an unknown car. When I looked closely, I realized that it was once a “Cerberus”, but it was no longer the same. The armoured monster, grinning in the dusty air with impressive shotguns and sharp edges of massive armour, was not yet finished.

— Wild Fire — Red Hot said in a reverent whisper, eyes glued to his monstrous child. — The flame took a friend from me once. Then I swore not to touch the fire again, but the Wasteland forced me to break my oath. Now I burn in the name of my own — but I haven't forgotten.

The firestarter gently stroked the armoured wing.

— You recognize the “Cerberus”, right? It also became part of “Wild Fire” — just like my friend's soul. He didn't leave me, I could smell it! His spirit led me to an abandoned set, and there I found everything I needed. The “Cerberus” was reborn, and now its iron flesh will contain the roaring soul of my comrade. Together with me, he will walk through the Wasteland like a fire devil and leave an eternal burn on the body of the world.

While saying this, Red Hot did not take his eyes off “Wild Fire”. Maybe it was just a reflection from the lamps, but at that moment, for a fraction of a second, it seemed to me that his silhouette too was flaming.

E. Grigio