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Ravagers Ascension This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Ravagers Ascension».

Lloyd used to be a genius scientist, but his maniacal obsession with technology has led not only to the end of his career at "Waderkvarn", but to his exile from the Dawn's children. A few years back, Lloyd tricked the Engineers, captured the Ravagers technology and disappeared into the Wasteland.

Ever since, he has been working on digitizing his consciousness and joining it with the Ravagers ATI. But instead of reaching immortality, he managed to only change his form of existence, now requiring power supply to servers instead of food to survive. This brought him to a new level of madness.

Joining himself with the Ravagers, Lloyd has learned to modify them and create new versions of them, evermore dangerous. These horrific machines have become his army that brings chaos and destruction to the Wasteland in a fight for resources. In the end, Lloyd's life became not a bliss of immortality, but a digital nightmare: the machinery is his body and electricity is his sustenance.