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The Valley residents have been making legends about Old Skula for a long time. No one knows exactly what he was doing before Crossout, but it is rumoured that he was involved in space research. When the world changed, Skula tried to ignore the post-apocalypse outside his window, and carry onas if nothing extraordinary had happened and things were as they should be. But the aggressive environment forced him to adapt to the new conditions too.

He was neither a great fighter nor a successful merchant, but his life experience and particular perspective on the world around him have helped people not just to survive, but to make life easier for many others with practical advice. Some survivors even claim to follow certain ten commandments, which according to the legend he carved into one of the inaccessible rocks.

Despite his squabbling, reserved and misanthropic nature, the survivors respect Old Skula for his endless optimism and willingness to help those who manage to reach him. However, the most experienced residents of the Valley are simply terrified of him. After all, everything has a price, and no one has ever found out where Skula's debtors are disappearing to.


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