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This portrait is designed to communicate with players and can be seen only in raids.


Portal Murk

Murk dropped by the other day. We talked about life, his service. He kept offering some bet. Don't look at me! I told him to buzz off! It's not like I have extra coupons lying around. Then again, I sure would like to test my luck... Murk's a risky fella and a smooth talker.

Who could look at him and say he used to break his back at excavations! Used to shovel rubble day and night at the “Pitman”, so that the smarter boys could dig up all sorts of tricky gizmos from beneath. He walked through dark empty mines with no light too. Damned if I know how he found the way. That's why they call him Murk.

But then he really hit his stride though, rose to some kind of big boss level at the excavations. And everything was fine with the guy, but remember I just said he's a tad too risky? Always got involved in all sorts of scams, bet a lot, won a lot. And that's what got him in the end. Lady Luck turned her back on him back in Spring. He lost everything at the rat fights. And he thought, let me bet this thingy from the excavations and make it all back. Yeah right. He sure may have won, but that only made it worse. Those were some sneaky raiders, so they left him with a rat instead of a money pile. And who the heck could find them in the Wasteland after that. Not a chance in hell!

If only you could hear the yelling back at the Engineer outpost! Everyone thought the guy was dead meat. Such a shame, he's a smart one. A bit too keen. Guess Scar thought so too and decided to send Murk raiding to repay his debts. So these days he's guarding the cargo and capturing the rig. And he always carries the rat he “won” with him. He says it's a reminder. And I don't think he's been into any scams lately, eh? Heard anything?