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Steel Championship This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Steel Championship».

From an early age, Woody's father took the little boy with him to work. Spending whole days travelling around the cozy provincial town, they sold toys and clothes with the mascot of the local football team. But one day, Woody's happy childhood ended; his father passed away, leaving Woody alone in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. By that time, the boy had already become stronger and managed to hide from the chaos within the depths of the football stadium.

All this shook his psyche. He couldn't cope with such drastic changes and hid his pain behind the mask of the football team's mascot — Mr. Wu. The boy spent years in solitude until the Scavengers invaded his world. At first, they planned to drive him away, but Mr. Wu caught the eye of Scar AB, who managed to convince Woody to become the symbol of the new "Steel championship". Then Woody realized that, despite all the losses, he had remained true to himself, and now he had the strength to continue the work of his father.