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Everyone had to stay home alone once. But not Maxine. A sa child, she found a walkie-talkie and has never left if behind since. A voice emerged from it at night and told Maxine amazing stories: about the silent stars in the sky and mysterious ships she had to watch.

A quiet life came to an end in a couple of years, when the voice ordered Maxine to smash all TVs in the house and run to the forest, fleeing from the impending disaster. A few days later, the disaster struck.

Much blood has flowed since then, the voice's requests have become stranger and stranger, but Maxine trusts her old friend and waits for it to predict a new catastrophe. This time the crazy girl will no go unheard, since the whole world has gone crazy.



Portal Maxine

Access level: top.
From the report of Seeker Miracle about visiting the shelter of the radio hunter Maxine.

Maxine is worried. During my last visit, some of her equipment was prepared for transport, this time the house was half empty — spare radios, antennas and power supplies disappeared. I'm guessing they're moving to a new shelter.

Now Maxine communicates with reluctance, she obviously hides details of conversations with the Voice. I only managed to trade for her transcripts for a couple of sessions. You can find them below.

[Session No.14860]

Voice: They're studying debris. Current fluctuations. The past of space. It came from the sky. Empty children will find it. I'll find what they find. I'll give it to you. Tell me about the trees.

Maxine: About the trees? What do you want to know?

Voice: Everything. Did they really , when people disappeared among them?

[Session No.14836]

Maxine: What is the Memory House? Is this a place important to you?

Voice: No. The vault. Data for analysis. Took it from the others. The treated ones. I had to insist. I had to. I'm not sorry.

Maxine refuses to allow me to be present during the communication session. But I think I can make a deal if I bring in some of the ore she needs.

Otherwise, Maxine's behaviour remains unchanged. She still has little or no contact with the outside world. I checked her words with our archives, and there are no discrepancies — Maxine really showed interest in radio signals since childhood and insisted that the Voice warns her about the future. He told her to stay in the clinic where Maxine was sent by her parents the day before Crossout. It saved her life. The voice also helped her find an abandoned radio station and adapt it to a shelter suitable for continuous reception of signals.

It is important to know what the Voice really is: a figment of imagination or a real entity. Recently, his messages are becoming more disturbing.