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Enemy of My Enemy This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Enemy of My Enemy».

The fate of the old adventurer and determined loner has long been covered with gossip like an old barrel is covered with rust. "Keyhole" regulars claim that Maximus was first spotted in the Valley back in 2049. They say that the man in the hat and cape appeared out of nowhere and his memory was wiped after an encounter with the Ravagers. But many are convinced that they have seen Maximus before.

Inthe pubs and in the resting places they whisper that this man personally knows the Mentor, visited the Mortuary, worked for both the Kaganate and the Brotherhood, and had a chance to cooperate with Martin and his Knechte. These people don't like to chat and don't confirm any rumours. But they don't deny them either. It's only Known for certain that Maximus helped Lloyd, but later was cruelly tricked by the scientist, who acquired the technology of the Ravagers. The survivor hated the old madman and roamed the Valley for a long time, seeking revenge and occasionally cooperating with other survivors, until he was hired by the Founders. The Syndicate offered the man in the hat to work for them as well. But, despite what the guests from the East had said about a common enemy, they didn't inspire any confidence in Maximus. Their implants and obsession with technology reminded the survivor of Lloyd very much.


  • Rewarded during event Enemy of My Enemy upon reaching level 49 (battle pass required).
  • Part of the following packs:
    • Customization pack Maximus