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Lina lost her family two years after crossout. The abode of the small family was captured by raiders. Their leader was a real beast, even his own shunned his gaze. Lina, to her misfortune, looked straight into his eyes. The leader took this for disrespect and, falling into a rage, ordered the shooting of Lina's parents and her brother.

The girl herself was lucky — the raiders were scared away by Lunatics. For some reason they felt sorry for the girl numb with grief. They took Lina with them, and the Lunatics became her new family. Years later, she found the killers of her family and brutally avenged them.

Lina still rarely looks someone in the eye, but the Wasteland will swallow the body of the unfortunate, who takes it for weakness.


  • Rewarded upon reaching level 7 with Lunatics faction.


Portal Lina

Access level: low.

Seeker Stetson's story about meeting Lina, the Lunatic fighter.

That year I found the trail of raiders, who robbed survivors not far from our base. I was about to get into their lair when a knife was pressed to my throat.

— Look at me, — said a hoarse female voice.

I slowly turned around and saw a tall girl in Lunatic clothing. Her eyes scoured across my face.

— Who are you?

— A traveler, — I lied.

— Yeah, right, — she sneered, continuing to look at me. — And why are you getting to get to those guys? Are you with them?

— I'm against them.

The Lunatic laughed — loudly, completely uncovering my hiding spot — and removed the knife:

— You're late, no survivors there. If you're not afraid of wetting your pants — climb in and see for yourself.

— Did you kill everyone? — I asked carefully. The Lunatic was still feeling the battle rush.

— A family affair,— the mouth of the Lunatic stretched into a smile, but she no longer looked at me, instead studying the brown blade.

— These freaks killed my family right after crossout. All of them. Just because I looked their leader in the eye. The fat freak was proud to have frightened a five-year-old. Smelly rotten freak! Well, — the Lunatic wiped the blade and put it behind her back, — now he can frighten his guts!

— How did you survive? — I knew what she was gonna say. The Lunatic hesitated, as if afraid to leave, she couldn't believe that her revenge had come true.

— Pete's guys took me. They cared for me, taught me to stand up for myself. This was my revenge, so I came alone, — it seemed as if she came to her senses and stepped back. — And this is what happens to everyone who touches the Lunatics. A hundred will come to avenge one of us, — she said, looking as though through me.

The Lunatic left, and I snuck into the raiders' lair. What I saw couldn't be called anything but a bloodbath. Next to the leader there was a sweeping inscription. Several of the same decorated the walls around the lair.

One word.


When some time later I heard about Lina from the Lunatics, I immediately remembered everything.

S. Stetson