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One day, Jones came across an old man named Mortis in the Wasteland and bought an old retro armoured car from him. At first, Ivy XO was happy that Jones had finally found his passion and spends all his time in the garage, but his hobby quickly turned into obsession. The young man's personality has deteriorated, and even his appearance has changed. That's when Ivy started to worry.

She found Mortis, hoping to convince him to buy the car back, but the old man shut himself in his home, screaming that will never take Catalina back. On her way to the camp, Ivy realized that she had already heard this name from her friend. She tried to persuade Jones to get rid of that car, but he shouted that his name was Jonathan and he would rather give up everything in the world rather than Catalina. He drove away soon after.

However, he returned the very next day. Looking battered, Jones said that he had encountered a group of raiders in the Valley. They didn't intend to attack, but made a few of jokes about his haircut and his car. And then... Catalina dealt with the offenders and burned down their camp. Only then Jones managed to break the glass and escape, having activated the vehicle's self-destruct system.

Of course, there were very few people among the Engineers who actually believed that the car had come to life, and the story was quickly forgotten. But every time Ivy goes out on night patrol, she sees two pairs of dim round headlights and the smoldering silhouette of an armoured car with sharp "tailfins" on its rear fenders in the distance.




When Jones had just bought this armoured car, everyone thought he had lost his mind, telling him that the first pack of raiders would dismantle the car along with its driver. But the young man saw the car’s potential and knew that no one would dare raise a hand or a weapon against his new beloved one.

A few weeks in the garage and no one could laugh at Jones’ armoured car anymore. The effort he put into repairing Catalina has greatly transformed it. Now it has become not only his “faithful companion” but also his “reliable protector”.

One day an unbelievable thing happened: the armoured car came to life and took out the raiders on its own. No one in the Engineers camp believed Jones. Most likely the armoured car was stolen by some maniac, who then destroyed those bandits. But the main thing is that the car is still seen in the Valley. And “Furia” is usually the last thing that the gaping survivors get to see at all.