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Joker is the embodiment of the essence of Lunatics and unbridled rage. He is merciless, not afraid of pain and death.

He was always a monster. Before crossout, Joker was known as a cruel prison warden. He was not kind to his prisoners. When one of them died, Joker got close to being arrested and tried. Justice was thwarted by crossout, the sadistic warden ran away and found his brethren in the Wasteland.

Joker's feelings are fading. The only thing that brings him joy is terrifying battle vehicles. As if merging with them, one of the Lunatic bosses rushes into battle, tearing apart the enemies or executing his own — those who dared to be guilty of something.


  • Rewarded upon reaching level 15 with Lunatics faction.


Portal Joker

Access Level: Intermediate.

Seeker Loom's audio diary: About Joker and the execution in the Lunatic camp

(unintelligible noise)

The Scavengers really pissed on the Lunatic parade when they stole the cargo!... The Joker must be furious. It seems that the escort guard, who had missed the cargo, should be preparing his back for lashes.

He's being tracked. So weak, this doesn't even feel right...

(the roar of the crowd is heard in the distance)

I did not expect anything else from Joker. He had nasty habits even before crossout. I heard he worked as a prison warden. Yeah, you wouldn't call him a “kind warden” for sure...

(noise, metal clanging in the distance)

The Lunatics quickly put together a whole arena with fences. The guard inside is nervous. If I did not know Joker and his passion for crazy rides, I would have decided that they would send a couple of brutalized Lost ones and...

(voices in the background turn into an indignant howl)

Now that's Joker. It's a pity I haven't got a camera — I'd film his rusty beast! Spikes all around, flames everywhere, growls like a drunken raider, a gaping maw at the front. Joker yells: “Me and my car are one,” — something else is...

Oh… I knew, of course, that Joker's habits were lacking, but now he behaves like a real animal. They even stopped waving their hands in the crowd. Sick from their own boss or something?

Oh, there's one more thing. One of my people heard that Joker was to be tried for the murder of a prisoner. They were coming to arrest him, but then crossout happened, like manna from heaven — the bastard took off into the Wasteland and disappeared without a trace!..

(voices in the background abruptly subside, after a moment they become louder than before)

Yeah. Looks like it's good that I don’t have a camera... Under the conditions of lack of resources, forcing you to empty your stomach once again is not very rational.

I should get out of here — somehow I don’t want to have close contacts with these noble gentlemen today.

S. L.