Crossout Wikia

"My journey began a long time ago in the vastness of the great Wasteland when the spirits chose me. It all began with an understanding of the circle of life — the foundation, the bones on which our world is built. And this Knowledge became my curse.

The spirits told me that life and death go together, and one cannot exist without the other. And only by constantly testing yourself can you become stronger. But the more you harden yourself and get closer to the spirits, the stronger your hunger becomes.

Hunger is not a punishment, but an awakening. And when it comes, only those who have lost everything and found themselves will survive. Only those who have unraveled the mysteries of the eternal will be able to stand for their lives in the great test of the spirits. And very soon this test will begin in the Valley. The people with fire in their hearts will be able to pass it. Will you?".