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Hag, Lynuta, Hela — she goes by many names, but no one knows who is hiding under the guise of the old healer. Locals say that she communicates with the spirits of the dead, scientists hope that the northern shaman sends signals to alien civilizations.

The public learned about the Hag when a horrible story about the mysterious death of a group of climbers spread all over the world. It was said that it was the healer who brought death to them. When people came to ask questions, they never found the old woman — she went into the thick taiga, where she hid until the arrival of the Nomads. The only thing that can be said for sure is that it's best to stay out of Lynuta’s way. Who knows, maybe interstellar ships land on mossy old shrines on special occasions.


  • Rewarded upon reaching level 15 with Nomads faction.


Portal Hag

[Access Level: Classified
Excerpts from TSR-10 of the Tau Seeker, investigating the “phenomenon of luminous spheres” (hereinafter — PLS) and its connection to the Hag. All materials are transferred to the archives of the Order.]

For the first time, the identity of the so-called Hag (her real name is Lynuta, “bone hand” in Mansi) surfaced in an investigation into the death of a group of climbing students. The incident is linked to the so-called luminous spheres. We have been observing unusual activity in that zone for a long time. Available data allow us to expect imminent confirmation of alien intervention.

Overnight stay at the Hag's and strange objects are mentioned in the diary of the group's head.

“She said that she lives in these forests from birth, helps people in villages for food. Kind of like a witch talking to the Sleepers”.

“This is the second night that we see the impossible in the sky! Colourful luminous balls, they seem to dance in the air!”

The climbers' bodies were found far from the camp. All of them died from strange injuries and froze in unnatural poses. The questioned local residents expressed similar assumptions — the group was killed by Sleepers (as they call the luminous spheres). They could not explain the nature of the term but assumed that Lynuta had set them against the group. Perhaps local shamans contacted other civilizations through primitive rituals?

New mentions of the Hag appeared after Crossout, in the same lands. Some sources mention new names — “Hela”, “Baba Lyna”.

The northern raiders searched for Hag's home in the taiga. They believed that she possessed some kind of chemical or hallucinogenic weapon that caused visions of “luminous spheres” in the sky above the camp of the dead students. Nobody returned from the search.

We continue to observe the situation. If efforts succeed, unique data and technologies may be at the disposal of the Order, such as those that we were able to find at the site of the UFO crash in 2011.

Coordinates of the Hag are being investigated.