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Back before Crossout, Gunther was just a soldier, never thinking about where his life would go. Peace seemed immutable, society — strong, attachments — superfluous. How could you believe that everything would change forever?

Aseries of accidents led Gunther to the Steppenwolfs. Ina new, devastated world, he found companions and a goal — to preserve the remnants of humanity in himself and in others. Gunter now believes that fate, some providence, will one day lead him to a new, blossoming world. And for now, he is ready to fight — for Ironhand's ideals, for the companions and for those who still remember what it means to be human.



Portal Gunther 1235

The visitor. Confession of a Steppenwolf

Access level: Top.

Biography of Gunther, now a Steppenwolf. Written according to him.

…That's the last thing we needed back then. The city suffered, people were lost, blamed the government, gods, foreigners. There were fights. The security forces lacked personnel capable not only to shoot, but also to operate with diplomacy, and then came the order. “Hijacking, terrorists, detain or eliminate.”

I know it sounds like we were willing to disregard lives, but no. We just wanted to be somewhere where we could save 50 people, not 10.

The plane turned out to be private. The minister wanted to move his people away, from secretaries to servants. I don't know how the street gang found out, but they showed up with guns demanding the plane and valuables.

Negotiators didn't make it in time, so we had to resolve the situation ourselves. Of course, those amateurs had no chance against us, but… It's one thing to shoot militant terrorists, and quite another — kids from the streets. We did it in six minutes, but what's to be proud of? Perhaps at another time, they could be persuaded to surrender, but back then there was no choice. There was — but they made it and left us to live with their decision.

Yes, I took them that day. Brought Elvina to the military base. Just thinking about that is scary — the girl was tiny like a mouse, and now she's a great fighter, more reliable than anyone else. And Tomasz, he came to us at the last moment. He chose people, even though it cost him a lot. I'm glad Ironhand saw them as something that helped them become Steppenwolfs.

What about myself? I have nothing to say about myself. Places, names… What use are they now? No family in the old world. Found mine here among the rust. Like they say, mysterious ways. If I believe in anything at all, it's fate, a path that one day will lead us all somewhere, set the vectors at the right point.

The only thing we can do is stay human, not just the Wolves, but everyone else who's still surviving around here in the sand. While everyone is at least trying to preserve a clear head and a human face, we all have a tiny chance to see peace restored one day. Or maybe we can build a new one, better. Who knows?