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The youngest member of the Blood Rocks Engineers, Foxy is a talented scout and an experienced sniper who can spend hours in hiding. She never feels alone. According to Foxy herself, her pet ratis always with her. Nobody saw the animalin the flesh, but the scout does not need to confirm her words.

The Engineers rescued Foxy a couple of months after the disaster. The five-year-old girl was raised by the whole faction, fed, taught and protected. Now her pathfinder and sniper skills faithfully serve the Engineers’ cause — there is a lot of people in the Wasteland who need help.


  • Rewarded upon reaching level 5 with Engineers faction.
  • Assemble a vehicle with 35 parts.



Access level: standard.

An excerpt from BRRB-5, included in the “Crossout generation” data block. Contains information about Foxy from the Engineers faction.

..."The “Crossout generation”, most likely, will be the last in the history of mankind. In the conditions of constant threat, few people decide to procreate. Over the past 20 years, adults have not become younger, and most of the children and adolescents died in the first months after the disaster.

This made it even more of a surprise when 12 years ago I met a very young girl in an Engineer settlement. She just turned 13, and she was a serious and sociable teenager who told me that “Bunny will bite you and infect you with rabies” if I offended her.

The Engineers told me that they had found the girl two months after Crossout. She was locked in an abandoned farm warehouse, and they found the body of a man nearby. The key to the warehouse was on him.

Foxy was too little to give details. The Engineers found out that her dad was a very rich man, that he called her “little princess” and that “bad people took her away so dad would give them money”. According to little Foxy, she was alone in the warehouse for a very long time, and a rat named Bunny was pushing food under her door. Why the kidnapper (if it was him) cared for the girl and did not simply leave her is a question that remained unanswered. Nobody dared dispel the dreams of an orphaned child. The Engineers took the girl with them and raised her like their own daughter. The stories about Bunny have not gone away; Foxy still feeds the invisible animal, but everyone is used to it. Bunny and a sniper rifle are Foxy's faithful companions in the Wasteland.

The last time I saw her was about six months ago. She became an experienced intelligence officer who counted the Engineers as her family. When she recognized me, she said that “Bunny says hello”.

The portrait “Foxy” is currently available to players.