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Fiercehog is proud to think that he'd cut anyone's throat for one of his own. Raised on the streets and having lost his former pack in the first days of crossout, the raider was determined that he would not allow more of this. A dangerous and cruel adversary, the Hog will do and get everything and anything for his own kind. Now everyone knows his gang of Bladespines. Explosive, but cunning and prudent, he is always ready to listen to the best offer and keep his word if it does not harm his own skin. Grief awaits only those who forget about a porcupine's needles and decides that it's easy to sink one's teeth into a soft belly.



Portal Fiercehog

Access level: standard.

The report on the leader of the Bladespines BRRB-1 the Fiercehog is included in the data pack on the new gangs.

Compiled by: Seeker Ochre.

Surprisingly, Fiercehog found me himself and told his own story. His words coincide with my data, so I take the liberty to recognize their authenticity.

Note: it seemed to me that he needed it as much as I did.

This is his story without edits.

“My parents were respected people, professors, but then something somewhere went wrong, and in the end, here I am, living on the street. They started drinking, hard. I don’t know if their job was to blame, or if it was me, somehow somewhere... But how could I do something wrong? I was a kid, I loved them, but you see — it didn't work out. When my father started to beat me and my face and ass turned the colour of motor oil, I got up and left.

Found a place in the old factory, settled down bit by bit. Sorta stumbled upon the rest of the guys. It was a common thing back then — there was nothing to eat in the country, many were stuck with debts, and when there's a bottle, who cares about the offspring?

I did not want them to steal. They were still kids, even smaller than me — what if someone had smacked them? So I had to work myself, moving stuff, nicking some, so what of it?  And they got me.

Ah... I was being taken to a different cell when I found out about Crossout and all that. How I escaped from the car is a different story altogether, but my boys were already gone from the shelter. I couldn't find them, though I was there for a long time, I looked everywhere... I had a true family, and then the poof — gone. I wonder if they're still alive...

So, now I have a new gang. For two decades, I've seen all sorts of puppies, and now they have grown up, got strong, prickly. But don't you tell them, wouldn't want these dumb butts to go all proud on me!

If you share this with someone, tell them — anyone who comes here with guns will leave without his head. The Bladespines never give up or desert their own. If they want to leave their guts hanging on pins and needles — let them come!”